The Story of Four Young Men Who Survived Auschwitz III

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Lockport Branch
Meeting Room A/B

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Dr. Ewa Bacon is Professor Emerita of History at Lewis University. Her areas of expertise and research interests include: the Holocaust and genocide, Russian history, Central European history (especially Germany and Poland), and globalization issues. Dr. Bacon received a bachelor's degree from Stanford University, a master's and a doctorate degree from the University of Chicago.

Final part of a three part talk series focused on Dr. Bacon's book Saving Lives in Auschwitz.

The slave labor camp called Auschwitz III Buna-Monowitz which supported an enormous German factory became the meeting point of four young men when they each had to get services from the prisoners’ hospital. 
Elie Wiesel was a 16 year old pious Jewish youngster (and later an author) from distant Hungary/Romania who had to learn to cope with the demands of slave labor as well as a serious injury. What happened to his faith?
Tibor Wohl was a 19 year old secular Czech Jew who was forced to work to exhaustion and ended up in the hospital with injuries suffered when Allied planes bombed the factory. How did he relate to other Jews who prayed in the camp?
Mieczyslaw Zając was a Polish Roman Catholic college student, active in anti-Nazi resistance, who finds work in the hospital. How effective was he within the hospital?
Primo Levi was a young working chemist (and later a famous writer about Auschwitz) who ended up seriously ill and was treated in the hospital.
How did these young men cope with the demands of heavy work/not enough food?  What were their experiences as some of them knew that family members had been gassed in other parts of the camp?  How did they organize (or avoid) resistance groups in the camp? What were the different endgames as the Soviets came to liberate the camp and the Nazis were fleeing west back to Germany?

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